Burchell brings its experience to you

Nowhere is there more know-how than at Burchell Nursery. Our field representatives bring their decades of experience to you, wherever you may be. They know your region. They know our varieties. And they’ll walk your acres and talk to you  face to face about the best way to make the most of our trees and your livelihood. They’ll be with you not only before  the sale, but for years and years to come. Just ask.

Gerry Hunter

Field Representative, Northern California & Western US
Oakdale Office: 209-845-8733
Mobile: 530-776-7605 / 209-610-7107

Gerry has been with Burchell Nursery for more than a dozen years. He brings with him 13 years worth of field experience, including his work with Dole as an almond buyer. He has a Bachelor’s degree in plant science and a Master’s degree in soil science from Fresno State University. These days he travels from Northern California to Washington to Utah, Idaho and Colorado visiting peach, nectarine and cherry growers. He tells growers about different varieties, including new selections that may be available for testing. He is knowledgeable about root stocks and different planting layouts, following tree deliveries to your doorstep. Gerry cares about his Burchell customers because as he puts it “These trees will be in for 15 to 30 years and the right choices are important. There is little room for mistakes. I am not just selling a product, I’m working with people on something that is their livelihood. I’m going to be with them from start to finish and help them with the next orchard.”

Tim Gerdts

Field Representative, Fresno & South Valley
Fresno Office: 559-834-1661
Mobile: 559-285-3114

Tim has been with Burchell for more than three decades, but farming is in his genes. His family has been honored at the California State Fair for being a force in farming here for 150 years. He grew up raising peaches, plums and nectarines, and earned a degree in plant science from Fresno State. Tim helps growers with questions about stone fruits and almonds, depending upon their location. He enjoys being able to be out in the field with customers because, as he puts it, “I’m not building sales, I’m building friendships.”

Manny Sousa

Field Representative, Central California
Oakdale Office: 209-845-8733
Mobile: 209-485-4552

Manny, a life-long resident of the area, brings more than 27 years of experience to our Central Valley customers. He is a horticulture expert, with degrees from Modesto Junior College and California Polytechnic State University. Manny knows both the plants and the place, which makes him the prefect person to turn to for information on what and how to make the most of your orchard. He has served growers with operations both large and small, and always with an expert eye for maximizing their land and time. You’ll appreciate not only his deep knowledge but also his energy and personal attention he gives to everyone he works with. He’s a Central Valley native with know-how.

Robert Gray

Field Representative, Central California
Oakdale Office: 209-845-8733
Mobile: 209-602-2236

Robert has been with Burchell Nursery for over 15 years and is here for the long haul. He has years of experience in customer service and considers it his specialty. From his years at the nursery Robert has gained experience in everything from growing product to delivering it in a professional and timely manner. Robert’s tree knowledge comes from working directly with fruit and nut tree growers, Ag courses from U.C. Davis and staying up to date with industry trends and practices. If you are looking for the person to help you with your next orchard planting of almonds, walnuts, or fruit trees, Robert is the representative. to call. Se habla español.

Jeremy Bahne

Field Representative, Fresno, Madera, Tulare, Kings, Kern and South
Fresno Office: 559-834-1661
Mobile: 559-430-5399

Jeremy has been part of the Burchell Nursery team for over 15 years and in the nursery industry for over 20. He has a Bachelors and a Master’s degree in Plant Science from Fresno State. Raised in the central valley he was always surrounded by walnuts, almonds and citrus which sparked his interest in the tree industry. Jeremy has practical experience growing trees as he managed the Burchell nursery’s containerized operation for many years. He has experience with Almonds, citrus, stone fruit, walnuts and is always looking for ways to help growers with different tree requirements. Jeremy says the best part of his job is that he is able to continue learning and sharing about the trees we grow and has the chance to work with amazing people.