Popular Nectarine Varieties

Arctic Jay

The Arctic Jay is a fine flavored white nectarine and one of the early introductions from world famous hybridizer Floyd Zaiger. A top taste test winner, Arctic Jay blends the perfect balance between acid and sugar. This results in a wonderfully sweet nectarine with a firm smooth flesh and a spicy finish. Self fruitful freestone that ripens in the early mid-season.

Arctic Rose

The foxy sweet flavor reminds one of what an old fashion Nectarine should taste like. Intense sugar with a crunchy texture provided by the snap to the skin followed by a smooth texture that melts in your mouth.

Candy Sprinkles

A dark almost burgundy colored skin opens up to a bright yellow flesh sprinkled with pink and red flecks. A delight in sight and taste, this nectarine is balanced in sweetness and sub-acidity with an underlying subtropical taste.

Diamond Ray

Ripens July 1–10
Clingstone. Mid-season nectarine with very round full shape. Full red color, attractive glossy finish. Excellent size and firmness. Exceptional fruit quality.

Double Delight

Double Delight a wonderful sweet rich flavored yellow fleshed fruit with just a hint of acid. A true desert quality fruit, good for fresh eating, or drying.


Ripens July 10–15
Clingstone. USDA release. This variety has high productivity and large fruit. Fruit is firm, somewhat elongated and of good quality. Fruit has a yellow background color with some red blush over the shoulders.


Ripens July 10–15
Freestone. USDA release. The #1 volume nectarine, generally exceeding 2 million boxes shipped from California. Tree is vigorous and has great production. Fruit has good quality but firmness can be less than ideal. Fruit is somewhat elongated. Variety is being replaced by firmer fruit with more color. Chill hours +750.


Ripens June 15–20
Freestone. USDA release. Fruit has good quality and tree is vigorous. Fruit can have nice appearance and average firmness but variety is subject to split pits. Chill hours +850.


Ripens August 10–15
Clingstone. USDA release. Tree is productive, requiring minimal pruning and thinning. Fruit can be large even to a fault. Quality and firmness are good, color is dependent upon cultural practices and

Flavor Gold

The Flavor Gold tree has an upright growth habit and will only get about 4′ wide, so it’s perfect wherever space is limited. But the taste is hardly limited – Flavor Gold nectarines pack a sweet, juicy punch!


Ripens June 28–July 3
Freestone. USDA release. Excellent quality. Size and crop are good, firmness is fair. Makes a good dried fruit. Crops heavier than Summergrand, but not nearly as firm. Self-fertile. Chill hours +750.

Freckle Face

This is an exciting variety of nectarine from the Burchell Nursery that has become a must have for all home gardener who love nectarine. The Freckle Face nectarine was a well kept secret until it was the taste test winner 2 years in a row in a prominent California taste test. Intense nectarine flavor with a bit of acid to bring out the super high sugar that is so much a part of this great nectarine.


The Harko with its yellow melting flesh, rich traditional nectarine flavor and firm texture make it one eating delight. The tree is self fertile and a moderate grower with a spreading habit. Dependable heavy fruit sets require thinning to increase size of fruit and decrease the chance of limb damage.

Honey Halo

Honey Halo is red with speckled yellow-orange skin. It just looks like it will be delicious and you will not be disappointed as your first bite is met with a snap to the skin.


Ripens Late Summer through Fall

Bright red skinned nectarine with yellow flesh. This nectarine has a sweet tangy taste. Harvests late season in zones 5 through 9.


Ripens May 10–15
Freestone. USDA release has high color and eating quality. Fruit is firm but somewhat small and elongated. Heavy thinning and pruning required. Tree is very vigorous. Chill hours +550.


Ripens May 20–25
Clingstone. Floyd Zaiger release that has a lower chilling requirement. Bright finish and good quality. Fruit size is adequate for season with some split pits. Tree is quite vigorous. Chill hours +150.

October Snow

An October Snow nectarine is a treat for the eyes as well as the mouth. Firm and juicy, this variety has a rosy red blush over pink skin. When you bite in, you find firm white flesh tingling with sweet pink juice. It’s an Autumn delight, and a Burchell exclusive. Coming 2022

October Sugar

Sweet nectarines in October?! You bet. Bring on October Sugar. Just beneath that gorgeous pink skin is an amazingly sweet and juicy fantasy of a fruit. The white to deep pink flesh is firm, sweet and juicy. You’ll Fall for this Burchell exclusive. Coming 2022

Red Diamond

Prunus persica var. nucipersica

The Red Diamond is a jewel of a nectarine. Bright red skin hides luscious yellow flesh that’s firm and perfect for snatching and snacking right off the tree. It’s a treat you’ll look forward to every July.

Red Jim

Ripens August 8–15
Clingstone. Large and uniform size, round fruit, yellow flesh, with almost solid red blush. Keeps well and is particularly suited for shipping.


Ripens June 25–July 1
Freestone. Small to medium-size fruit. Fair color, breaks down easily, excellent flavor. Tree moderately vigorous. Good backyard variety. White flesh.


Ripens July 20-Aug 5th

An Early cling variety. Matures slightly ahead of carson. Better fruit quality, vigorous and productive

September Free

Fresh Market Nectarine with yellow flesh and beautiful bright red skin. Ready to harvest the end of August to the first part of September. This nectarine ripens about 3 weeks after Elberta.

Chill hours needed: 850

Snack Time

Smooth rich flavored flesh with just a hint more tang like all the best nectarines along with the bounty of sweetness. Just the right size for a quick bite off the tree or packed in a lunch for a special treat when at work or at school

Snow Queen

This nectarine is one of the sweetest and juiciest of all nectarines, featuring snow white flesh and freestone fruit. It is a consistent taste test winner and constantly astounds the uninitiated with its bright white flesh. Snow Queen is early ripening but prefers a warm climate with low humidity. Performs very well on much of the west coast.

Sparkling June

Norman Bradford release that has shown excellent size, shape, color and firmness. Fruit has good flavor. Tree has moderate to poor vigor. Fruit set is adequate. Chill requirement +800 hours.

Spring Bright

Spring Bright Nectarine is one of the many stone fruit selections introduced by the late Norman Bradford. A wonderful early season yellow clingstone with the flavor of an old fashion nectarine. A Bright Red skin and a rich sweet yellow flesh that is firm and juicy, with a melting texture

Sparkling May

Ripens May 25–June 1
Freestone. Norman Bradford selection has high color and finish. Ripening 5 days ahead of Maygrand. Fruit is firm, round and large for the season. It has a very good high color and a smooth finish. Chill requirement approximately +700 hours.

Ripening dates shown are approximate for Fresno and will vary with season and location.