Olive Varieties

Arbequina IRTA i-18®

This is a clonal selection of the Arbequina Standard. The i-18 clone has a more erect growing habit and higher yield efficiency than the Arbequina Standard. It has a heavier initial bearing habit, more uniform ripening and a generally higher overall production.

Arbequina IRTA-i-20®

This is a clonal selection of the Arbequina Standard. Virgin oil is characterized by a good balance between ripe and green aromas that are complementary to a fine fruitiness. The chemcial composition of the oil is quite similar to standard Arbequina oil.

Arbosana IRTA i-43®

The variety has low vigor and high productivity. It has an open growth habit as compared to the Arbequina Standard. The fruit is small and the oil quality is good. It is tolerant to verticilium, but susceptible to leaf spot and iron-induced chlorosis.


This outstanding example of Coratina is loaded with grassy, green almond and discernible green apple notes. Particularly high in phenols, this balanced oil displays green fruit characteristics, herbal qualities and a nice pepper finish.


Olea europaea
This classic Tuscan variety is planted both as a drought tolerant ornamental and for its fruit. The olives produce a sharply flavorful oil and can be cured for table use.


Hojiblanca is a variety of olive appreciated for its good pulp quality and its high rusticity. It has excellent drought resistance, adapts well to limestone terrain and is tolerant of winter cold.


Olea europaea
Leccino olives are an Italian oil variety used for table olives in brine and for fine olive oil. The trees have beautiful, gray-green foliage, a bushy growth habit and are drought tolerant.


Olea europaea

This olive is regarded as the overall best table variety.It produces regularly with excellent quality fruitused for fresh eating, canning and producing olive oil.Manzanillo is the most common olive variety in Spain.


Olea europaea

Mission olives were brought to California by the Franciscan monks. The drought-tolerant trees are prized as ornamentals and the fruits are used for table olives, and for olive oil.



Pendolino olive tree is a variety of originating from the locality Fiorentino. It is widely spread by Tuscany and Central Italy. Pendolino is highly valued as olive pollinator. It adapts well to different terrains and climates.


Olea europaea
Picual is the Spanish oil variety olive that produces 20% of all olive oil worldwide. The tree has a large open canopy shape and bright green leaves.

IRTA® MB-D i-140

A cultivar of high productivity. It is considered to be rustic and adaptable to different climatic and soil conditions. It has a semi-erect growth habit and is very adaptable to intensive and hedgerow orchards. The oil has very long shelf life, with fatty acid composition equivalent or even better than that of Picual. Its commercialization can be monovarietal or in blends with other oils.

IRTA® MB-G i-121

A cultivar of high productivity. Early bearing and slightly alternating. It is considered to be rustic, tolerant to soil diseases and adaptable to different climatic and soil conditions. It has a semi-erect growth habit and is very adaptable to intensive and hedgerow orchards. Virgin oil of medium to low shelf life, but very interesting for blends with sharper oils.

Koroneiki IRTA i-38®

This is a Greek variety originally cultivated on the plains, lower hillsides and coastal areas of Crete where the climate is relatively warm. It adapts well in high-density orchards and comes into production early (second leaf). The fruit is very small with excellent oil quality that expresses a sweet and fruity flavor. The yield is high and production is consistent year to year. Harvest time is approximately the second week of October.

IRTA® Verdal

This local olive variety is grown in the province of Barcelona and in the Northern part of Tarragona, Spain. The name refers to the color of the olives, because they remain green and do not turn black at maturity. Verdal is planted both as an olive variety and as a dwarf rootstock for very high density olive orchards.

Ripening dates shown are approximate for Fresno and will vary with season and location.